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The Death of Datetime – excellent, excellent post explaining the difficulties of storing dates in the database.  Trust me – if you don’t read any other links this week, read this one.

SQL Server Magazine reviews Toad 4.1 – Four and a half stars – hooah!  I wish they could have gone into more detail about the cool features, but then that’s what our brochures are for, hahaha.  I really respect the product manager on this, David Gugick – he’s putting features into Toad that I really like.  I’ve loved SSMS since it came out, but Toad v4.5 is the version that’s getting me to switch over to Toad.

Who thinks like database professionals? – Andy Leonard explores the mental difference between DBAs and normal people.

Donald Farmer plays an April Fool’s joke – and talks about the future of BI in terms of the Magic 8 Ball.  He put some time into this one.

Tom LaRock exposes a new email scam – in which someone is trying to steal his Microsoft Points.

Xeon 5570 is smokin’ fast for SQL Server – multi-core Xeons made SQL Server more cost-effective, and the latest generation of Xeons keeps up the good work by roughly doubling performance again without doubling clock speed.

StackOverflow raid card failure

StackOverflow raid card failure

DBAs Behaving Badly: Backups – Rod Colledge teaches with bad examples.

Don’t use SAN replication for TempDB – Tom LaRock explains that if you’re using SAN-to-SAN replication over the network, you’re just wasting bandwidth if you’re replicating TempDB.

SQLBatman unveils his new hit TV show – “To Catch a Developer”, starring Chris Hansen.  (Yes, this is the third link for the week – he brought his A-game.)

Cloud and Virtualization Links

Storage vMotion in the next VMware GUI – here’s the deal: you click on a host, and not only can you move which physical host it’s running on, you can MOVE THE DATA to another set of disks, another SAN, you name it.  I know, dear readers, you don’t believe me that this stuff works, but it’s amazing.  Live Migration and vMotion are like bacon squared.

SQL Data Services Does Not Scale – uh oh.  That’s not a link-baiting title, either – the text backs it up.

Google Data Center Secrets Revealed – Engadget gives you an inside peek video into what their hardware looks like.  Surprisingly, they do not use aluminum cases with glass windows looking in on neon-lit motherboards.

Amazon S3 Turns Three – and they’re running a sale: uploads are only $.03 per gb (instead of $.10.)  Great time to upload your MP3 collection for offsite backup.

Script for Multipathing with VMware ESX 3.5 – seriously, DBAs, if you think a normal SAN is a black box, you should check out how things work inside virtualization.  This stuff can make your eyes bleed.  If you run SQL Server in VMware, you need to understand the concepts at play here, even if you don’t get involved with the execution.

Virtual EMC Celerra – want to learn how SANs work?  Download a virtual appliance that acts just like an EMC Celerra.  Whatever storage you give it in VMware, it shares out to other machines.  LeftHand Networks has a virtual SAN appliance too.

Carbonite and Data Availability – more commentary on the Carbonite problems.  As we saw this week at Stack Overflow, RAID is not a backup solution.  (And of course, yes, they had backups when the RAID card failed.)

Junk Drawer

Google in talks to buy Twitter – if there was ever a company that could benefit from Google’s knowledge about scaling up an application, it’s Twitter.  Puleeze let this happen.

Jeremiah Peschka’s links for the week – has some good stuff, including a video about MySpace using Microsoft SQL Server as their back end.  It’s an old 2006 video from SSWUG, but it’s still a fun watch.  Favorite line: they say maintaining the infrastructure “is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge – every time you finish, you just have to get started all over again.”

The Bloggess tells a knock-knock joke – that just might save your soul.

Building a bulletproof personal financial system – I love Mint, the pain-free replacement for Quicken.

Explain This Image – not safe for work, but funny.  Images that just don’t make sense.

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  1. When is TOAD 4.5 set to be released?

  2. The beta’s out now at but I’m not sure what the exact release date will be. You can use the beta for free until a period after the RTM date.

  3. So do you really use MINT? Have you had any issues with it?

  4. I love it as a financial dashboard. There’s some weirdness around adding accounts – for example, my credit card is getting migrated from WaMu to Chase, and it’s not going smoothly in Mint. Otherwise, it’s really impressive.

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