I use Delicious, an online bookmarking service, to keep my bookmarks in sync across all of my computers.  When my beloved Macbook Pro went in for service on Sunday, I set up Firefox on another machine here and happened to glance at my bookmarks while they were syncing.  Just for yuks, I started going through some of ’em, and I forgot about some of the gold mines I’d run across over the years.

I’m sharing some of the highlights here, along with what tag I used for the bookmark.  You can click on the tag to see more of my bookmarks from that same category.

PC Load Bacon

PC Load Bacon

Bookmarks Tagged with “Funny”

50 Recent Quotes from IRC – Be aware that these are usually not safe for work (NSFW).

HPInsertCoin photos on Flickr – You can set the HP printer status displays to just about anything you want – here’s how.  For inspiration, check out this Flickr photo gallery from people who’ve pulled it off.

Passive Aggressive Notes – most of these are NSFW due to cursing. Be patient – the site takes a while to load. Very worth it.

Achewood – my favorite strip from this very-out-there comic. I have used this punchline repeatedly in meetings. No one ever gets it. <sigh>  They do usually get it when I say their computer makes me want to type through a napkin, though.

Bookmarks Tagged with “Inspiration”

Distinguish Yourself – I abhor people who want to “get famous for being famous”.  If you want to be memorable and have a real personal brand, then you need to stand out for your quality.  This is a massive collection of articles about all kinds of ways to do it.  It ties in really well with the “Things I Wish I’d Have Known When I Started” quiz that went around recently.

Getting Things Done When You’re Only a Grunt – Don’t use the excuse that you’re the low man on the totem pole, therefore you can’t make a difference.  In order to get to the top, you have to start making a difference wherever you’re at now. (Or have rich parents, I suppose.)

Building an Experience In Your Meetings – To ensure a crappy meeting, have crappy surroundings.  To ensure an exciting, upbeat meeting, have an exciting, upbeat environment.  I’d forgotten all about this one, and I’m determined to put some of this stuff into play in my next user group meeting.

Seven Questions That Will Change Your Life – A few self-evaluation questions that will helped me sharpen my focus and make some progress on my goals.  They sound like cheesy crap, but they work.

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  1. This inspire me to look back at a bit of my own history. I've not been using online bookmarking long so there's not much there. My Amazon order history does stretch back many years now. Did I really order an album by there guys

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