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Michelle Ufford of SQLFool tagged me in her latest post, asking me to produce a Wordle map of BrentOzar.com.  You go to Wordle.net, put in your blog URL, and they produce this beautiful map of your most commonly used words from your RSS feed.

Wordle Map of BrentOzar.com

Faithful readers of my blog will recall that I’d just done this a couple of weeks ago.  Michelle was on a two-week vacation, and evidently she came back and hit mark-all-as-read in her RSS reader.  Pfft.  Don’t tell her that I also posted the secret to untold wealth last week, or that I started a series of video podcasts on index fragmentation pointing to her script at SQLServerPedia.  That’s what she gets for going on vacation.  But I’ll humor her and post it anyway because it turns out my word map has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks.  (For starters, it doesn’t show “untold wealth” in huge letters anymore.)

Welcome back from vacation, Michelle!  Cheater.  Mark all as read, really….

Oooo!  And I have to tag people – let’s see, how about Tim Ford aka SQLAgentMan (because his blog posts have been funny lately, and I can’t wait to see the map) and Jason Massie aka StatisticsIO.

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