StackOverflow adds “bounty” for answering questions

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I thought StackOverflow was addictive before, but now it’s electronic crack.

The latest feature is a reputation bounty.  If you want a question answered faster, you can offer a portion of your own reputation score as a bounty.  The question stays open for 7 days, and it’s on the Featured Questions tab of the site.  (You’d better believe the top answerers are watching this tab closely.)

When you accept someone’s answer, they get the bounty.

If after 7 days you haven’t accepted one, the top-voted answer gets the half of the bounty.

Thank God they’re not using real money, only reputation scores.  If they used real money, I’d probably stay up all night hitting refresh, waiting for new questions to come in.  High Score!

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  • I have enough of a hard time finding open questions to answer on forums and groups with my schedule 🙂 I used to answer questions a lot on Experts-Exchange (or ExpertSexChange I forget which), the reputation points can make things addictive.


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