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SQL Server people on Twitter – if you like to follow database administrators and SQL Server developers on Twitter, check out the SQLServerPedia Twitter list again.  We’ve had dozens of edits this week alone.

Windows 2008 R2 Beta is out – but don’t bring your Visa or MasterCard or 32-bit hardware, because at Microsoft, they don’t play games with servers, and they only take 64 bits.  x64: it’s everywhere you want to be.

Perception, Reality, and Incrementally Tuning Apps – Jimmy May talks about why you can never stop performance tuning.  If you like this blog article, you should follow Jeff Atwood’s blog Coding Horror too – one of his favorite statements seems to be, “Performance is a feature.”

Windows XP bluescreens with SQL 2005 SP3 or SQL 2008 – make sure to put XP Service Pack 3 on before you install these newer versions of SQL Server.

Cloud & Virtualization Links

Creating a VMWare ESXi boot USB drive on a MacVMware ESXi is a free virtualization platform that you can use to get started with high-end virtualization.  Scott Lowe explains how to create a USB thumb drive that will boot ESXi on old pieces of hardware you have sitting around the house.

VMware ESX homebrew hardware list – I really like VMware ESX for virtualization, but the drawback is that it doesn’t work on any old piece of hardware like Windows does.  Chad lists cheap off-the-rack hardware that’s known to work well with ESX.

Amazon unveiled their new web-based management console – used for managing Amazon EC2.  Looks like it beats up on the Firefox plugin I’ve been using.

Junk Drawer

Funny error message from SAP – David Stein is left asking, “What happened?”

XKCD comic about Steve Jobs’ recent happenings – this is so wrong.

How to buy a suit – I’ll be honest: I don’t own a suit.  I never have, and I probably won’t for years, if ever.  The problem isn’t that I don’t want to own a suit – I do – but the suit I want is going to cost a small fortune.  I read fashion blogs and watch Project Runway (What happened to Aaaaandre?), and I know just enough about fashion that I wouldn’t be caught dead in something off the rack.  You technology guys who want to know why girls don’t like your suits, read this blog post, and you’ll understand what a real suit is.

Wordle creates a visual map of your stuff – Denny Cherry found the slick site, which takes a URL or a Delicious user’s bookmarks and creates a visual map of what words occur with the most frequency.

Here’s the map of

Wordle Map of

Wordle Map of

And here’s the map of my bookmarks on Delicious:

Wordle Map of My Bookmarks

Wordle Map of My Bookmarks

Okay, yeah, I guess I do bookmark a lot of SQL Server stuff.

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