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SQL Server Links

Make SQL Server Management Studio Load Faster – Brian Knight shares a simple tip to skip the five second splash screen delay: add -nosplash to the program shortcut.

SQL 2008 Resource Governor Tutorials – Beatrice Nicolini linked to two in-depth Resource Governor demos by Microsoft.  They’re pretty in-depth, with lots of sample code.

Common Table Expressions Tutorial – Jeremiah Peschka describes why developers might use these over temp tables or table variables.

SQL 2005 Covering Indexes Tutorial – Deepak Rangarajan explains one of my favorite 2005 features complete with sample query plan pictures.

Jeremiah Peschka talks about soft skills – there’s another DBA quiz going around from Chris Shaw, and there’s a lot of good answers out there, but Jeremiah’s is notable even for just one line: “The best way to say ‘no’ is often to ask ‘why?’”  That’s awesome.

Diagnosing Transaction Log Performance by SQLCAT – the Microsoft SQL Customer Advisory Team has an exhaustive article up that contains many things I do not know, and I’m going on vacation, so will you guys do me a favor?  Read that article, learn it, and then hold your head up next to mine and I’ll pick it up by osmosis.  Kthxbai.

Database administrators are like chefs – only instead of tasty pastries, we deliver optimized code.

Cloud and Virtualization Links

PCI compliance in the cloud – PCI is a set of regulations like SOX and HIPAA that are designed to minimize the amount of time DBAs spend at home on the weekends.  This blog says that the key to compliance is configuration – you can be compliant anywhere as long as you configure it right.  Hmmm – yes, and I can get my Jeep Wrangler to 200mph by strapping it to a Top Fuel dragster, but is that the most practical way to hit 200mph?  My hunch is that the cloud isn’t the most practical place to achieve PCI compliance right now.

The Junk Drawer

Vista SP2 and Windows 2008 SP2 preview available – now with integrated Hyper-V for the Win2008 SP2.

Dan Jones on Community Involvement – if you enjoyed my how-to-get-started blogging series, you’ll enjoy Dan’s article on how to get involved with the community.

Gartner blog on “Instant Experts in the Cloud” – before you hire your first consultant, read this article.

Rhonda Tipton’s Link Post – go subscribe to her blog because she does a great link roundup every week, really well-balanced with interesting stuff.  Last week’s was really good – all kinds of fun reads in there.

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  2. Thank you for the link on PCI. We work to stay educated and inform others about emerging issues and concerns with in the Payments Industry.

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