Things I found interesting this week:

SQL Server Links

PASS Summit 2008 Event Calendar – Rob Boek put together a calendar of the parties and events going on next week in Seattle for the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit.  I’m psyched, despite having to take four plane flights in the next 48 hours to get there.  (Don’t ask.)

SQL Server 2008 Plan Guides – this topic is gaining some traction among the high-end DBAs.  Andrew Fryer put together some great sample queries to help you get started with ’em.

Auto Generate your Restore Scripts – when you’ve got a lot of servers with different backup plans, it helps to have a fast point-and-click way to restore complicated sets of backups.  This article shows how to generate the scripts along with each backup – a real timesaver when disaster strikes.

Gigs, I Tell You! Gigs! – funny story that conveys the frustration of dealing with a new client for the first time.

Cloud Links

VMware vCloud versus EMC Atmos – neither of these are really going to impact SQL Server for quite a while, but if you’re a storage or virtualization geek, it’s interesting to read through these future technologies.

The Junk Drawer

Dynamism has the Gigabyte M912 in stock – last week I mentioned a $349 netbook deal and my marketing peeps Andy and Christian asked why I hadn’t bought one yet.  The M912 is why: it’s an $800 tablet netbook that can run OSX, has a 1280×768 touch-sensitive screen, an ExpressCard slot, a touchscreen, a 160gb hard drive, and a rotating touchscreen.  Did I mention the touchscreen?  Check out this video of an M912 in action.  Yes, it’s twice the cost of an Asus Aspire, but $800 for a touchscreen netbook?  Humina humina.

Enabling the flashy features in Windows 7 – during the PDC demos of Windows 7, Microsoft showed off some cool features.  As it turns out, those UI features were disabled in the versions of Windows 7 that were handed out, and this article explains how to enable them.

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  2. Regarding “Gigs, I tell you! Gigs!”, how can you go wrong with a site called “SQL Dumbass”. 🙂

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