Watch a free 10-minute preview of SSWUG videos (update with discount)


You’ve heard me talk about my SSWUG video conference sessions, but you’re not sure whether it’ll work, or whether it’s worth the money?  Well, Chris Shaw and the good folks at SSWUG are giving away free previews to show you how good it looks.  You can watch the first ten minute of my SQLIO session for frrrrrrrreeeeeee:

Yes, I really do talk with my hands, and yes, I use an Apple Macbook Pro.  The stickers are:

More stickers to come – I’m looking forward to getting some at PASS and plastering them all over the Mac.  Erika hates it when I do that because the Mac does indeed look better naked, but I don’t want you guys thinking I’m a graphic designer or something.

Update 10/29 – I just got word that if you use the VIP code “BOZAVIP” when signing up, you get $10 off your registration, bringing it down to $90.

There’s a drawback, though, and I’m going to tell you about it because I believe that honesty is the best policy.  If you use that signup code, I get $5.  If more than ten of you use the code, my cut goes up to $10 per person.  Here’s where the drawback comes in: Erika has already given me permission to spend my SSWUG money as “fun money” on my week-long Caribbean cruise in December.  I might come back with alcohol-induced amnesia or a bad tattoo.  So maybe it’s better for all of us if you don’t use that code.  I’m just putting it out there, your choice.

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  • I just tried to view your preview and as per usual on SSWUG the video failed miserably. The clip took a couple minutes to load, audio started to play, but the video never showed up and it went into buffer mode in just a 20 seconds.

    I don’t know why most of video creation world can get this technology right but SSWUG has yet to figure it out.

    SSWUG has been a great source of aggrevation. The videos always take forever to load, and there

  • … is never any response when I write about the inability to view them without constant interruption.

  • Yeah, it’s surprisingly hard. I spent a solid week working with pros getting our videos set up at, and even after that, we struggled with a few users reporting video problems. If you want high-quality videos (meaning, better then the heavily pixelated 320×240 crap on YouTube) it’s a giant pain. Works great for users with high bandwidth cable modems and fast computers, but for DSL or year-old machines, man, it’s miserable.

  • It’s working perfectly for me. I’m a little disillusioned that you are a Mac user though. 😉

  • Video is perfect!

    Do you know where I can get the I am PC sticker? I already have the SQL Server Bible. I would love to have SQL Batman sticker.

  • Yeah, I got a few of ’em from JC Cannon at Microsoft. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll mail one over!

  • I just sent you my address at your brentozar email. Thanks a ton!


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