When will you use SQL Server 2008 in production?


The last several times I’ve spoken at user groups, I’ve asked for a show of hands to find out when people plan to put their first SQL Server 2008 instance in production. I ask because it helps me write better presentations – there’s no sense in me talking about something you don’t plan to use, or to give you a getting-started-101 presentation on something you’ve been using for months.

The results have been surprisingly low – usually less than 10-20% plan to do it in the next 30-60 days. I’m curious to see if my readership has the same plans, so with no further ado, my first poll is below.  (This may not work for readers with RSS readers.)

Update: the poll has closed.  Thanks!

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  • We would love to do so, but we can’t until our ERP provider supports it. Judging by their adoption time for 2005, we will be able to upgrade to 2008 around the time SQL 2011 is released.

  • Yeah, I hear that answer and a few common others:
    – Not enough time to learn & test it
    – No hardware budget for a new server
    – Not enough business demand for it
    – Still working to migrate SQL 2000 boxes to 2005

  • I will do/recommend to do this after the Sp1

  • Already on SQL 2008 Standard x64 RC0 (early adopter)

    soon to move to SQL 2008 Standard x64 RTM (hopefully really really soon)

    Benefits of a small company who isn’t afraid to try, or on the “bleeding/leading” edge technology 🙂

  • Well start in the test environment next month (Oct08) and production in Jan 09.