I have big hands

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I’m staying at an oceanside hotel in Laguna Beach, California for a meeting with some of our customers.  When I say oceanside, I mean oceanside: there’s a huge wave break about a hundred feet from my balcony, just two stories down.  The waves are deafening.

It’s a really romantic setting, but I was still surprised to find these at my bedside:

“Grande for Increased Protection?”  Wow.  I mean, it’s one thing to have this kind of gear provided for you by the hotel, but it’s still another when they give you the big ones.

Or maybe they just gave the big ones to me.  Maybe the front desk clerk called down to housekeeping and said, “Look, I’ve seen this guy.  You gotta give him the big ones.  No playing around here.”

If you want to see the full details of the hotel amenities, click on the photo.  I wouldn’t want to show the whole thing on my normal public page without clicking on it.

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