Caroline Collective: The Morning After


It’s the morning after the Caroline Collective grand opening party. The place was absolutely packed with interesting people, and that’s my definition of a success. For images of the evening, check out the Caroline Collective Flickr pool.

Seemed like everybody I talked to wanted to get in on the coworking action, and they had the same basic questions:

Q: When is Caroline open?

It doesn’t have an “official” schedule yet, just whenever a tenant shows up. The tenants have keys. I’m here on weekdays by 7-8am, and from then on there’s somebody here until pretty late. Join – it’s like Twitter, but for physical locations – and you can get notified whenever one of the tenants checks in at 4820 Caroline. Sometimes we’re here, but we just forget to unlock the doors – send a Twitter or a BrightKite note and it’ll rouse us.

Q: Is everybody in the web business?

No, that’s what I thought it was going to be too, but it turns out that’s not the case. The only web folks we have here (off the top of my head) are True Light Resources, and everybody else is all over the map. Caroline tenants include software developers, a TV producer, a photographer, a foundation, and of course, the ArtStorm crowd next door. It’s a really broad pool of people.

Q: What’s it take to join?

Anybody can show up anytime Caroline’s open and just sit down at an available desk. There’s free WiFi and free coffee. If you like what you see, there’s a few membership levels. At the $300/mo level, you get your own desk, which is pretty cool because you can leave your stuff there – monitor, speakers, whatever.

Q: What’s it take to get an office?

Patience, grasshopper. Those went first – as of a couple days ago, they’re all taken. We’ve got plenty of desks available, though.

Q: Who were those two well-dressed hotties?

Those would be Ned Doddington (left) and Matthew Wettergreen, the founders of Caroline:

Matthew Wettergreen and Ned Dodington

Excellent photo by Ed Schipul, and excellent vision by Matt & Ned.  This place was absolutely awesome last night, and the energy was so positive.  Everybody seemed to “get” the whole coworking concept, and I’m excited at what’ll happen over the coming weeks.  Congratulations, guys!

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  • Guinevere Meadow
    June 8, 2008 4:10 pm

    Hm. Matthew is *much* hotter than Ned.

    You don’t need to tell Ned I said so.

  • Nice, very nice!

  • Great post on a great new addition to the Houston entrepreneurial and self-employed community. I am genuinely impressed with the Caroline Collective and am strongly considering setting up shop there. However, I am pretty sure there are several other web/internet-related businesses operating out of the Collective. Erica O’Grady’s Peanut Butter Media is one that comes to mind.

  • You’re totally right – I always forget Erica because I’ve never actually seen her there during working hours, only at party time. 😀

  • Caroline has a TV Producer? He or she must be really smart/hot/sexy/cool.

  • Pfft – listen, just plain TV producers are really smart/hot/sexy/cool, but COWORKING producers, man, off the charts.

  • Very cool – looking forward to hearing more about your experiences working in this environment.


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