Coworking Comes to Houston

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The new Caroline Collective space is bringing coworking to Houston, and if my job hunt works out the way I hope this week, I’ll be one of the anchor tenants.

People who telecommute can feel isolated without the fun personal interaction with creative, dynamic people.  Coworking aims to solve that by offering desks and offices to people who would otherwise be parking their laptops at coffeeshops.  I’m heartbroken since my favorite downtown coffeeshop, Kaveh Kanes, closed while I was living in Miami Beach, but it looks like the Caroline Collective will more than take its place.

I’ve already driven over to the building and checked it out from outside, but I’m excited to get over there this week and see the layout.  I’m jumping right in to grab one of the offices because I do a lot of conference calls, and I’ll probably want to stash a couple of servers over there.  Plus I just wanna decorate my office with a giant Penny Arcade mural.

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  • Hi! I hope it works out for you. So sorry your favorite coffee shop closed– bummer!!!

    Your furniture looks great in our new house. 🙂 We’re moving in next week, I’ll send you pictures!


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