Behind the times or ahead of the curve?

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I have this strange personality quirk – I can’t decide whether I’m behind the times or ahead of the curve.  I found out about Dinner With The Band, an HDTV podcast where a music-savvy chef (Sam Mason) cooks for a band, and then they play a couple songs in his NYC apartment.  It’s a slick mashup between cooking and music, two of my favorite things.  Anyway, they seem to have started and stopped filming episodes back in 2007.  The fact that I just now found out about them, man, ouch, that’s behind the times.

But then I started researching my favorite band off the show, Tokyo Police Club, and I went to subscribe to their blog:

First Subscriber!

YES!  YES!  I’m the first subscriber!  That means I’m ahead of the curve again!  Woohoo!

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  • There are those who would say that you are constantly occupying every possible moment in space and time, so it is ENTIRELY possible that you are, in fact, BOTH behind the times AND ahead of it.

    chuckle chuckle


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