Bought a new Honda Mini-Minivan


Honda Fit at Miami Ink

After the Jeep developed a transmission problem last weekend, Erika and I decided to take the plunge. We traded in the Saturn for a new Honda Fit. Our plan had always been to have one really reliable car and one fun car, and for a couple of years, the Jeep was both. Now the Jeep just plays the part of the fun car, and the Honda is the reliable one. Knock on wood, anyway.

The Fit looks like a minivan that went through a copier at 50% reduction. I would have preferred something with two doors, but my coworkers seem to appreciate not having to climb into back seats when we go to lunch. It’s fun to drive, and it feels much more expensive than its $17k price would indicate.

During the research & buying process, Erika kept noting that I wasn’t really excited. She was more excited than I was, mostly due to the fact that it came with a 5-day Carnival cruise for two. I figured out that I wasn’t peppy about it because this was the first 100% rational car purchase I’ve made in years. I bought our Volvo C70 out of lust, bought the Jeep out of lust, and then bought this one out of practicality. Sure, I’d love to just own awesome cars, but there’s something to say for being mature and getting something reliable, cheap to maintain, and cheap to operate.

Argh. We’re getting old. The next one will be a power hardtop convertible.

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