Movies on my Cingular 8125


This weekend, I was determined to set up my Cingular 8125 PocketPC phone to play movies, TV shows, and music videos. It was faster and easier than I’d even expected.

Step 1: get the free PocketDivxEncoder. Install this on your desktop computer. It converts your existing videos to PocketPC-friendly formats that take less space, and fit your PocketPC’s screen better. It has presets for a lot of common devices like smartphones, iPods, PlayStationPortables, and more. They’ll try to upsell you on their new product, Lathe, for $6, but the older PocketDivxEncoder works fine. Amazingly, PocketDivxEncoder can even use Quicktime files as input, which I love since I’ve got a bunch of music videos in that format.

Step 2: get the free The Core Pocket Media Player. This installs on your PocketPC to play videos. No additional codecs or plugins are needed if you’re using the PocketDivxEncoder.

Step 3: convert your movies and copy them to your PocketPC. Just open each one with PocketDivxEncoder, and use the default settings for PocketPC. It converts the video to 320 pixels wide and resamples the audio down to mono to save space. If you’re a music nut like me, you’ll probably want to crank up the default audio quality to a higher setting to keep the tracks in stereo for headphone-quality audio. Music videos ended up taking 7-12mb each, and movies take around 200mb. Works like a champ! The quality is beautiful for such a small size.

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