My new humble abode

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My new office
Change of plans. Southern Wine & Spirits, where I’ve been consulting since October, decided at the last minute that they wanted to bring me on permanently to work directly for them. They’re a fantastic group of people, and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Pictured here is my new cube. It may not even be my permanent cube – there’s a slightly quieter cube available right outside Don’s office, and I’ll probably swipe that one instead.

Squint closely at the picture and you might be able to make out my Dell Latitude D810, Dell flat panel, Cisco VoIP desk phone, and Cisco 802.11b cordless handset. Muhahaha, new toys….

I’ll probably be slacking off on the blog entries this week and next while I get up to speed in my new duties. It’s the same company, but a completely different set of duties.

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  • I used to the network admin for Sunbelt-Charmer who does business in Florida as Premier Beverage. Small world. The liquor business in Florida is HUGE!


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