I am not holding the camera with my right hand!Most of the major news networks haven’t quite figured out how to capture the amateurish trend that is blogging, but CNN appears to be catching on. This Miles O’Brien guy is writing a blog as the hurricane approaches, and I gotta say, this looks pretty bloggy, and pretty far away from traditional network news.

Take this photo: it captures all of the pseudo-seriousness that is blogging. Notice that it’s a self-portrait, but he doesn’t want it to APPEAR that way. He’s holding the camera really far out with his right hand and taking an overexposed flash picture of himself while he pretends to blog. He’s even chopped off the top of his head in true amateurish blog-photo fashion.

Plus, he had to work hard to get this not-a-self-portrait: notice that he’s in the passenger seat of a car. None of us blog from the passenger seat if we’re the only person in the car, and he states in the (cough)”blog”(cough) that “we” rented the car from Avis. Either he’s using “we” in the journalistic, too-good-to-use-I way (and I suspect he’s not, since he slips a few I’s in his prose), or he’s not alone on the trip. If he’s not alone, he could have had his travel companion take a picture of him “blogging”, but nooo, he had to go for the fake-self-portrait angle by holding the camera way out and chopping his head off. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, that is a journalist working hard to be a blogger.

This one line gives it away, though:

Our satellite truck operator had to stop for fuel.

OUR SATELLITE TRUCK OPERATOR? Dude. Dude, seriously. You gotta camouflage those deep corporate pockets better than that.

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