Busy weekend planned

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Me & MomThe photo’s courtesy of Mom, who is playing around with picture mail on her phone. Nice picture, actually. I don’t remember this one.

Got a busy weekend planned. This morning I’m helping clean up the neighborhood by doing a trash walk down Airline in front of our subdivision, picking up trash with a few neighbors. Then I’m running over to a friend’s house to help with his wireless network, and then helping to plan a neighborhood block party this evening.

Ernie had a day at the beauty salon yesterday and came back looking trim and clean. And hopefully flea-free.

I’ve got an idea for a web business. I’m bursting at the seams to start work on it, because this is the first one I’ve had in years that didn’t violate my non-compete agreement at the office, hahaha. I’ve got a zillion ideas on how to implement it, but now comes the hard part – programming it. Well, not programming it, really, but picking which programming language. I can develop fastest in VBscript ASP, an “old” language, but that’s not really how I want to start a new online business in 2005. I should be using .NET or PHP, but I don’t want to learn those as in-depth as I’ll need in order to make this work. Tough decision.

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  • Paul Chamley
    June 2, 2005 2:27 pm

    Hi Brent,

    I stumbled across your Blog a few months ago – to be honest, I can’t remember the exact link I followed; it may have been about your Volvo because I was thinking of buying one at the time (I went for a Toyota in the end…).

    Anyway, I was reading your entry for May 21st – I’m IT Manager for a large European Construction company and I’ve recently ‘migrated’ my skills from ASP to PHP and open source; learn them in depth – PHP is much more flexible (and forgiving!!) as a language.

    With kind regards,



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