Snow came down in flurries all yesterday afternoon, and by the time we went to bed, the Jetta had a light dusting of snow, maybe a quarter inch deep. The ground’s too warm for it to stick around – in fact, it’s even already melted off the car – but if you count the bits of white on the house roofs around, it’s a white Christmas here in Houston!

And since it’s Christmas, I have a present for Dad. My father has taught me everything I know about how to treat strangers, coworkers, friends and family, and I wanted to put down in words how much that’s meant to me. You know how the father-son relationship goes – we don’t do a lot of mushy talk, hahaha – but every now and then he’ll ask me if he was a good father. I always say yes and I try to explain why, but I wanted to give him something in writing. (And not so he won’t ask me again, hahaha.) I’m not good enough of a writer to convey in words how much he has helped me and inspire me as a role model, but I gave it my best shot.

Merry Christmas, Dad! I love you.

Brent Ozar
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