End of the debate

Well, that’s the end of the debate. I came away thinking Kerry makes a great impression, and I can see why he got the nomination. He came across as much more presidential than Howard Dean, even though I liked Dean a heck of a lot more. Bush was on the defense, and lashing out at Kerry’s flip-flopping didn’t seem to land any punches. Kerry kept repeating that he’s been consistent, but of course that’s not convincing anybody.

All in all it was a good debate. Didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about the candidates: Bush is a bit of a fumbler with words but clearly passionate about issues, while Kerry is more polished and solid but the message keeps changing. If I was undecided, how would this debate have affected me? Tough question. Kerry was very presidential, but I just don’t get how he’s going to pour more money overseas AND domestic issues. That’s easy to say when you’re running for office, but we just have a limited amount of resources. We’re running very, very deeply in the red now – and Kerry’s talking about spending even more!

I doubt I’ll watch the other presidential debates, and I certainly wouldn’t watch the vice presidential debates. Edwards can’t help but whip Cheney – I mean, come on, a Halliburton exec against a trial lawyer? If there’s anything lawyers are good at, it’s exchanges like this.

Kerry would have given nuclear fuel to Iran?!?

I couldn’t believe this when I heard it, so I Googled around to see if anybody else heard it, and I wasn’t alone.

“I think the United States should have offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel…”

WHAT?!? You would give nuclear materials to Iran? And yet you say you’re for non-proliferation?!?

International Criminal Court fumbles

Bush just looked like an idiot in his response to Kerry about not signing treaties. Bush had the opportunity to really kick butt there, because Kerry was for the ICC, but the ICC was a bad thing for the States. Bush clearly didn’t even know how to begin to explain the ICC issue within 90 seconds to Americans who haven’t followed that issue, and he kept struggling to get the words out. You can’t. Give it up. Most of America won’t understand how big that issue was, and how wrong Kerry was, and if you had 900 seconds you couldn’t pull it off.

The Pottery Barn Rule?

Kerry just quoted a Pottery Barn Rule: “If you break it, you fix it.” Uhhh, what? I’m guessing you don’t go to the Pottery Barn often. First off, the rule is you break it you BUY it, and we’re certainly not buying Iraq. Second, Pottery Barn doesn’t have that rule. They have glass stuff piled on huge stacks, and I’ve seen the staff wave people away when things get broken, saying, “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

I can see why Kerry’s gotten this far, though. If you don’t know his history of positions, he comes off as very strong, very opinionated, and very presidential. He’s not a great orator, but he does seem presidential until you listen to him for a year straight, and watch his wild gyrations around issues, taking position after position.

Planning for peace

Kerry’s yammering on again about not going to war until you have a plan for peace. Hey, news flash – we went to war because terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center. Our plan for peace is to have less planes flying into buildings. That sound like a plan to you? It sure sounded like a plan to me. And while I can blame Bush for a lot of things, I can’t blame him for sitting on his hands while we have another round of terrorist attacks, because there haven’t been any.

Bush’s primary job isn’t to preserve the peace in Iraq, but to preserve the peace in the States.

Kerry’s making a mockery of himself by saying he’s had one plan for Iraq all along. Even people who are just walking into this candidate matchup for the first time today have got to be wondering why he keeps contradicting himself here. He’s saying yeah, I voted for it, but we should fire the President because he was for it too. Total hypocrite.

Watching the debates

I had to do some database server maintenance this evening at the same time the Presidential debate was going on. Erika was sweet enough to Tivo it for me, but I got a laugh out of the station she Tivoed it on: CBS, Can’t Believe Story. CBS is lucky they’ve got Survivor and the CSI franchise, otherwise I’d never tune in again.

Twenty minutes into the debate, Kerry’s only platform seems to be, “Instead of killing American troops, let’s send in other countries’ troops to be killed.” This is a guy who voted for the war! Unbelievable. Simply unreal. Talk about hindsight being 20/20.

To make it worse, he keeps talking about investing in homeland security, saying we should spend money inside our borders by pouring more policemen and firemen into the streets, but that he agrees that we can’t leave Iraq. Where’s he going to get the money from to do all this? Hellooooo? If the money was there, we would have done it already.

Plus, policemen and firemen don’t prevent 9/11: soldiers do. We could have had ten times the number of policemen and firemen, but those towers still would have come down on 9/11 because we simply didn’t see it coming.

Jimmy Buffett mistaken lyrics

So I’m sitting here singing along with “Pencil Thin Mustache”, and I caught myself saying, “…a two-toned Ricky Retardo jacket…”

That would be Ricky Ricardo.

Houston restaurant signs

The 59 DinerThis morning, I drove around Houston taking pictures of the signs of our favorite Houston restaurants. Erika and I have one seriously guilty habit: we love restaurants. I don’t presume that you, dear reader, will find them the least bit interesting. I’m only putting them online because I searched for something similar and couldn’t find any results, so I figured I’m probably not the only one looking for these things. is a hoax

So I finally got my stuff done. You get five people to sign up for various free trials, and they say they’ll send you an iPod free. Turns out it’s a hoax – they will use whatever justifications they can to avoid sending you the iPod. In my case, they said I’d signed up for all of the offers myself, which simply isn’t true. They refuse to discuss it, case closed. They don’t answer their emails.

You know what they say – when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I got suckered on this one, and I bet a lot of other people will be too, now that the press has given a lot of play to them. So much for your free iPod!

OK, I won’t rescue the next possum

That last blog entry triggered a handful of emails from relatives and friends who said my kindness outweighed my intelligence. Okay, okay, I won’t rescue the next animal that gets caught in my fence, and I’ll call animal control. Promise.