You’re lookin’ at Linux!

webcam.jpgWow, about time. The site’s finally moved over to Linux. Ended up using PHP just to get it to go live quicker & smoother – I can always play around with Java on other sites. Besides, I don’t edit the code on this one much now that I use MovableType.

Lots of things going on. I’m on the Communications Committee for the neighborhood homeowners association, and I slapped together a web site for us. will be a place for the Park Square residents to post news, hang out in the forums, post photos, etc.

That was my first portal using Xoops, an open-source PHP portal. I gotta say I was impressed – very slick installation, great modules, easy to administer. Had the whole thing up and running in less than an hour, and spent the next few hours tweaking it.

I’m pooped. Time for bed.

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