NewCamera.jpgI finally broke down and bought a new digital camera – a Fuji A303 from Target. I got the last one they had in stock, a display model at about 30% off. Great deal, and it’s a great camera so far. It takes beautiful pictures, and of course the first thing I did was run down to the house and take a bunch of shots. The resolution on the pictures is a huge 2048×1536, which is more than I’d usually put on the web, and the full-size files are a staggering half meg apiece – so clicking isn’t for the faint of heart.

I’m not used to doing lots of image thumbnails in an automated fashion. I gave IrfanView a shot, because it’s my favorite image viewer, but it did a pretty poor job. I’m looking for something with more customized pages, because I don’t want to have to modify these over and over.

The house is coming right along, but we’re still missing one recessed light in each of the bathrooms. I told our salesperson again, and she’s on it. I had hoped they’d fix it before they drywalled over the bathroom ceilings, so they wouldn’t have to redo that drywall, but it’s too late now. Erika went over today with the camera, and they’ve drywalled over the lights, so we got a problem. I’ll swing by tomorrow and if it’s still broken, I’ll talk to the construction guys myself. I don’t mind missing a light in the guest bath, but I want all 3 in the master bath.

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