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Did some updating on the site today. Redid some of the navigation stuff, added plain-text HTML navigation at the bottom of the site, scanned some new photos from our most recent NYC and New Orleans mini-vacations, modified the front page to show the blog photo alongside blog entry, and set up SSL so I can make my blog entries in wireless cafes without worrying about somebody sniffing my username/password. Wouldn’t want some stranger making entries in my blog. That would be a world crisis. Just a reminder – you can get a free SSL certificate for your site or your email addresses at CACert.

I was going to do some more work on the blog’s database back end that would allow me to add more than one photo per blog entry, add an audio clip, let people subscribe to email updates (Lord only knows why anybody would), etc., but it’s just way too nice of a day outside. I washed Erika’s Jetta earlier this morning, and I think I’ll take it back out and vaccuum it as well. Maybe do a quick grocery shop and make her jambalaya before she gets home, heh heh heh.

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