My body is failing me. Well, it’s never been a superstar to begin with, but it turns out I’ve got nasty ear infections in both ears. I can’t hear out of my left ear, and it rings from time to time. I don’t like ringing: I have my cell phone set to vibrate, and if I could do that with my home phones too, I probably would. Come to think of it, that’s a neat idea.

As luck would have it, now that I’ve stopped using Exchange as my mail server, a fellow HWUG member has put together a cool set of Microsoft Exchange event sink scripts to filter for keywords, eliminate spam based on RBLs, and convert those nasty HTML emails to text. His stuff’s all GPL, and available on his site.

I get a kick out of looking at my web site stat logs to see what people are searching for. In surprising news, so far this month, 3 people have found me by searching for Lara Nash, an old friend of mine from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I’d love to track her down myself, just to say hi – I haven’t seen her in years. Last I heard she was getting married to someone in the Armed Forces, but that was back in the early 90’s.

The 2003 North American Auto Show is underway in Detroit, and I love viewing the new products. The new Mustang does a bad job of combining old cues with new influences (witness the taillights ripped directly from the 2000 Honda Accord Coupe and the old Mercury Capri convertible) while its sister model, the Mercury Messenger (pictured here), manages to look like a timeless show car. This thing really jumped right out of the 60’s and adopted the current form language. Just beautiful. If it showed up on the showroom floor in two years, I’d be in line to get one, assuming they don’t butcher the interior.

Of course, Erika will die when she reads that – now that I’ve got a Volvo, it’d be a heck of a step backwards to get in a Mercury, hahaha. Of course, she could always have the Volvo.

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