Just call me Brent Millionaire.


Just call me Brent Millionaire. For the last week, Erika’s been excited about this new show on Fox called Joe Millionaire. It’s a direct ripoff of The Bachelor with the interesting exception that the guy in question isn’t actually well-to-do: he’s a construction worker making $19k a year, just pretending that he’s recently inherited fifty million. Twenty women are holed up in a French castle with this guy, and he has to whittle them down to just one that he wants to keep.

As soon as the show came on last night, I thought the castle looked a little familiar. Turns out it’s the castle Becky picked for our trip to the Loire Valley! Becky and I actually stayed in that castle, walked around in the ballroom (empty at the time), took photos of the gardens, etc. It’s so hilarious to see the grounds and the rooms of the castle and say, yep, I’ve been there, and I wrote about it in my travel pages.

As we were watching the show, I ran into the closet, pulled out my travel photos, and showed them to Erika. I pointed out the staircases, the floor, everything was pretty much as we left it. I gotta ask Becky what the name of the place is, because I can’t find it in my notes.

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