Houston Wireless and Node-In-A-Box


I’m downtown at Kaveh Kanes, the coffee shop where HoustonWireless meets (tonight, as it happens), and the place is actually hopping. People are all over this place, and most aren’t doing wireless-related things. At the same time, everybody seems to wander over to the computer to check their email sooner or later, and you have to wonder how many of them are here because of the wireless in one way or another.

I’m doing a little presentation tonight on marketing materials for Node-In-A-Box, which is my big push to get small businesses to set up nodes. Steve and I were telecommuting today and we would have killed to have gone somewhere more interesting than Starbucks, but we couldn’t get wireless working right at GetWired, and we didn’t want to pay for parking at Kaveh Kanes. We gotta get more midtown businesses with nodes.

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