Had a great weekend in

Had a great weekend in Galveston goofing off and sleeping at the Victorian. Erika caught that I’d burned myself out lately and suggested it. It hit the spot perfectly – walking on the beach, eating spicy crab claws from Mario’s, and poking at the hermit crabs in the beachfront shops. We gotta do that more often.

My cellular phone contract was up last month, and I’ve had a tough time deciding what I wanted to do. The new Danger Hiptop is coming out tomorrow as the T-Mobile Sidekick, complete with a $40/mo unlimited data plan, so I decided to go with that. I sold my Kyocera 6035 on Ebay, and I’ll miss her. Great little phone. I just needed a tool that was primarily focused on text messaging, and just happened to also have a phone. (Don’t say the Blackberry, because if you have to carry around a headset, it ain’t a phone.)

My new favorite artist: Nikka

My new favorite artist: Nikka Costa. She’s had a few songs on movie soundtracks like Blue Crush. The song “So Have I For You” just rocks as a letting-go anthem. I don’t have anything to let go of at the moment, but this song makes me wish I did. Wow. What a mature voice.

Saw Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever.

Saw Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever. I’d read reviews that said this was an action movie without a plot, and that was pretty much true, but it was still worth the view. The action is a lot of fun, Liu and Banderas play fun characters, and the effects were great. There was a crucial error in casting: at the end of the movie, stop and think about the kid and who his parents are, and how he ended up looking like that. It would be like casting Chris Rock as the son of Anthony Hopkins and Susan Sarandon. It just doesn’t add up.

I cleaned out my closet this weekend, and put some more of my gear up on Ebay. I’ve had a Palm M105 lying around for a while, and I’m letting that go along with my Kyocera SmartPhone 6035 combo Palm/phone. I’ve been happy with the 6035, but I want something that can also do 802.11b, wireless ethernet. We’ll see.

I’ve been waiting for this

I’ve been waiting for this day. The weeks have dragged by, month after month, with great expectations. I’ve patiently put up with the crummy TV, and now it’s here: the fall season.

I’m not a big TV guy, mind you, but I love CSI and Survivor. I’m thrilled that CSI’s got a new spinoff with David Caruso, too, because I always enjoyed watching NYPD Blue. Woohoo! Get out the popcorn.

Bought a new car. That’s

Bought a new car. That’s always fun. Well, not the process, but the car part, anyway. We got Erika a new Jetta Turbo, and we’re both in love with that thing. We were originally going to get me a new Miata now and a Jetta for her next year, but you know how that goes, hahaha. My good sense kicked in, and now she’s tooling around in her new car, showing it off to relatives.

We went around to a few dealerships and ended up getting it from DeMontrond up on I-45. I can’t say enough great things about our salesperson, Jason Smelley. (That’s not a typo.) After dealing with several sleazeballs, it was totally refreshing to be treated like a human being. Jason and crew were positive, friendly, upbeat, and made for a great car-buying experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason to a friend.

On a related note, I would also recommend using LendingTree. I refinanced my car through them, and we applied online when it came time to buy the Jetta. Sure enough, like the ads say, we had four offers within a day or two. The bank actually FedExes you the paperwork and a blank check, so the car buying is even easier. You just walk in, pick the one you want, negotiate the cash price, and sign the check. Boom, you’re done, no hassling with the finance guy. Wonderful.

I’m wearing one of my

I’m wearing one of my I Love NY t-shirts and watching MSNBC in a window on my computer just like I was a year ago. There was a poll on this morning asking if September 11th should be a national holiday, and 60% of the people had said No when I voted. I don’t get it – why should it not? We’ve never had such a severe loss of civilian life at the hands of our enemies. We have national holidays to celebrate single figures in history, but not to celebrate thousands? It seems like 60% of Americans are already ready to forget.

What a cool night. The

What a cool night. The new Trillian is out today, and it just so happens I sent them a donation a while back, so I got the new Trillian Pro for free. Gotta love that. The new 1.0 has plugins for mail checking, weather, and other cool stuff. Definitely love it so far – it replaces the EPrompter software I’d been using. Nothing wrong with EPrompter, but the less programs I have to run, the better. I’m all for integration.

Next cool thing: it was my first time attending the Houston Wireless user group meeting, and I had a great time. I’ve wanted to go for quite a while, but every time they held it, I was in Dallas. Anyway, I had too much caffeine while I was there, and now I can’t sleep, so might as well get some work done.

Had to reinstall my laptop

Had to reinstall my laptop today. Whenever I hit a web page with Java, the entire browser would close. Thanks, Sun. Real stable. Also, my laptop webcam hadn’t been working in a while, and I wanted that fixed before tomorrow’s Houston Wireless meeting.

Have a scanner and a

Have a scanner and a printer? Need to copy stuff? You should grab SimpleCopier, a straightforward program that simply turns your scanner and printer into a copying machine. I’ve always been disappointed with the overblown and slow programs included with scanners, but this one is fast and does just what it sets out to do. Copies/prints in color, gray, black & white, and has all of the basic settings you’d expect from a copier. No more trips to Kinko’s for me.

Still rainin’, but not bad.

Still rainin’, but not bad. Got back on the Quicken bandwagon, after being off it for a couple of years. Decided I’d better get a budget going if I want to buy a Miata next year, let alone a house.