So I went and switched

So I went and switched to using Mozilla as my main browser, and now I’ve discovered that my own site doesn’t render in Mozilla unless you also happen to have Netscape installed. Evidently Mozilla 1.1 won’t display gifs correctly on its own. I converted my gifs over to png format instead, which seems to work fine, and I should have done it a long time ago anyway.

I just can’t get into .NET. I had to start a new project this week, and once again, I came to the conclusion that with the limited time available, I’d be better off knocking it out in plain old ASP. There just aren’t enough advantages yet for ‘normal’ sites to use aspx – a lot of the cool 3rd party extensions don’t work, so you end up writing your own solutions and it takes longer. Maybe in a few months things will be different.

And the winner is…not Houston.

And the winner is…not Houston. There’s some people around here up in arms because Houston and Washington DC were eliminated yesterday from the final 4 contenders for the 2012 Olympics US city. (If you’re new to this, as I am, they pick a city from each country first, then they narrow it down from there, looking for the right host city.) This was a pretty big deal in Houston, because a lot of people thought this city was getting world-class lately, what with the multitude of new arenas and mass transit options. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the US, and it seems like a lot of Houstonians feel sleighted because people don’t see us as a world-class city.

I was completely happy with yesterday’s announcement. NYC and San Francisco make obvious candidates. Houston is a stealth city – we’re huge, but nobody knows who we are, and frankly I like it that way. We’re less of a terrorist target, we get less play in the media, and everything’s just fine. There’s tons of culture here, the cost of living is dirt cheap, and the Olympics would only bring more traffic and trouble. Thanks, but no thanks.

Mozilla 1.1 is out, and

Mozilla 1.1 is out, and so as of this morning, I’m changing my default browser over to Mozilla. If you haven’t used it (or heard of it), Mozilla is a web browser like Internet Explorer, but it’s open-source, meaning anybody can write code for it. The killer feature in my mind is the “tabs” – you can have multiple tabs open with different pages.

I bought my first pantyhose

I bought my first pantyhose yesterday. I’ve been trying to figure out why nobody sells the right filter refills for my Fluval 404 aquarium filter, which has been doing a bang-up job of removing turtle poop. Yesterday, a nice Petco staffer told me why: everybody buys women’s pantyhose, cuts it up into bags, and uses that to hold the filtering media of their choice. That way, you can choose exactly the right amount of charcoal/ammonia-remover/biomax/whatever, for your given tank size & fish/turtles. So yesterday I found myself in the checkout line at Eckerd’s with two pairs of pantyhose in my hand, explaining to the cashier that it was for my aquarium. She didn’t believe me.

And yeah, my Comets got smacked down in the first round of playoffs again for the second year in a row. I’m trying not to think about that.

Yet another big night. Our

Yet another big night. Our Houston Comets face game 3 against the Utah Starzz: either we win, or we go home. Sunday’s game went into double-overtime before we pulled it out. Tonight’s game is on Oxygen (bleh), so if you’ve got a really female-friendly cable provider, you’ll be able to see me a few rows above the home bench.

My poor turtles. They’re getting

My poor turtles. They’re getting big now, bigger than my hand, and I guess they’re going through puberty. I was under the impression they were both boys, but it’s a little harder to check gender on a turtle than it is for a dog. Anyway, Frank has been really keen on Fred lately, doing the little turtle mating dance. I’ve got the camera out trying to catch him in action, because Erika hasn’t seen it happen yet.

First Comets playoff game is tonight: we’re going up the Utah Starzz in the first round. Their center, Margo Dydek, is a seven-footer from Poland. It’s always fun watching her play, and I’m looking forward to game 2 here in Houston this Sunday. That is, provided Steve finds the tickets! They were shipped to the Dallas office, and nobody seems to know where.

Outta here like Vladymir. Sorry,

Outta here like Vladymir. Sorry, listening to Eve 6. Anyway, I’m out in Dallas for work, thought I’d post a quick update on the car computer. I’m tickled pink with the software side – it’s reading my new emails out loud, which is quite cool. I’m not nearly as happy with the hardware side, though. The FM modulator that broadcasts the computer sound has absolutely terrible sound quality, completely unusable. I didn’t bring my tools with me to Dallas, so I’ll have to wait until I get back to install a new transceiver. I’d gotten a cheap one from Fry’s that didn’t plug in line with the car stereo antenna, and that was definitely a big mistake.

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…. I’m on the top floor of my apartment complex and there’s a leak through the AC return vent that dumps water in whenever it rains. It must have rained a lot yesterday, or else the leak got worse, because I’ve got half a dozen plastic bowls scattered around the floor as we speak.

Went surfing the web yesterday, and it looks like a former friend of mine is maintaining a blog site of his own. He’s just as paranoid as he always was, and has some kind of Javascript set up to block certain domains & IP’s, and I guess I’m on that list. However, he’s just as overimpressed with himself as he always was, and it was pretty easy to blow past the restrictions with proxies. Whatever.

Last but not least, the game last night was incredible. The Comets pulled it out over the Sparks, even without the help of Tina Thompson, and looks like we’ll be celebrating another championship this year in Houston.

Tonight’s a big night for

Tonight’s a big night for us Houston Comets fans. Swoopes and crew goes up against Lisa Leslie’s Sparks in a battle for first place in the West right before playoff time. Unfortunately, we’re playing without one of our stars, Tina Thompson, who went down with a hip injury Tuesday night with just 47 seconds left to play in a game that really didn’t matter. (I’m working on my sportscaster voice – can you tell?)

The project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months just got totally revamped, so now I’m burning time for a few days. I’m playing with several different new projects simultaneously, which is always a lot of fun. Makes up for the last one bombing.

Erika’s headed home to El Salvador on Sunday to be with her dad for a few days. I’ll have free reign of the house, and I’ll bet you can guess what I’ll be doing: that’s right, playing with my car computer. I’m such a geek.

Almost there… Got my car

Almost there… Got my car computer almost ready to install. I need to do the wiring inside the car, and then I’m set. I ended up scoring a D-Link DWL-520 wireless ethernet card for $40 at Microcenter, which was a heck of a bargain. Hadn’t expected to put one in for the first draft, because they usually cost twice that. At that low price, though, I couldn’t refuse. Now I’m writing Winbatch software to automatically fetch my mail whenever I drive near a publicly accessible 802.11b network, like the ones in Starbucks or – well, at my house. That’s all for today, though: I didn’t sleep worth a rip last night, and I haven’t been able to get sleep all day. Going to go give it another shot.