The Simple Twitter Book

The Simple Twitter Book

The Simple Twitter Book

What does RT mean on Twitter?  How do you find new people to follow?  How do you get more followers?

I’ve been on Twitter for years.  I’ve seen a lot of people make a lot of mistakes, and I want to help make your Twitter experience as easy as possible.  I wrote a completely free Twitter book that you can download right now to learn the basics before you make an idiot of yourself in public.  😉

The book covers:

  • What slang terms like RT, OH, #FF mean
  • How to set your description and location to reach more people
  • Ways to use tags and lists to find more Twitter users
  • How small businesses can get started with Twitter

Download The Simple Twitter Book in PDF for Free

There’s no catch!  It’s completely free.  If you like it, the only thing that I’d ask is that you follow me (@BrentO) on Twitter.  I tweet when new versions of the book come out.  And yes, I really do answer every question on Twitter!