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Compute Scalar Functions

Functions, functions, functions sp_BlitzCache warns about two things: UDFs CLR UDFs For Regular UDFs There can be serious performance consequences when using Scalar and Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions. Inhibit parallelism Run once per row returned Cause poor cardinality estimates You may even see these warnings alongside a warning for Forced Serialization. Read more here: Are…
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03a – How to Write Functions That Scale

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this demo: Why scalar-valued functions don’t scale How to reduce their overhead with a couple of options Why multi-statement table-valued functions don’t scale How to dramatically cut their overhead by inlining them Then for a bonus: Which kinds of functions go faster in SQL Server 2019 Which kinds…

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Finding Froid’s Limits: Testing Inlined User-Defined Functions

This week, I’ve been writing about how SQL Server 2019’s bringing a few new features to mitigate parameter sniffing, but they’re more complex than they appear at first glance: adaptive memory grants, air_quote_actual plans, and adaptive joins. Today, let’s talk about another common cause of wildly varying durations for a single query: user-defined functions. Scalar…
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2.2 User-Defined Functions

Scalar UDFs, multi-statement table-valued functions, and inline functions: only the last one performs well. Brent demos all 3, shows you how they hide in execution plans, and explains how SQL Server 2019 helps. Demo Script Transact-SQL /* Mastering Query Tuning – Why 2 Out of 3 Functions Don’t Scale This script is from our Mastering…

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SQL Server 2017: Interleaved MSTVFs Vs Inline Table Valued Functions

But is it faster? Now, I know. There are very few “always” things out there in SQL Server. This is also true for functions. A lot of the time — I might even say most of the time, inline table valued functions are going to be faster that scalar and multi statement table valued functions.…
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3. Functions (39m)

You’ve got code. You want it to function, so you write it as a function. Then your queries get slow, and you can’t figure out why. tl;dr — it’s your functions. Let’s talk about why, and how you can fix them. Transcript: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to your Brent Ozar Unlimited video…

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2.5 Functions (17m)

Developers are taught to reuse code by following design patterns like DRY (don’t repeat yourself). That means we usually get started writing our T-SQL in functions. Unfortunately, it turns out that scalar UDFs and multi-statement table-valued UDFs perform horribly. You’ll learn that they don’t even show up in execution plans, and how to replace them with inline…

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Inline Table Valued Functions: Parameter Snorting

You’ve probably heard about parameter sniffing But there’s an even more insidious menace out there: Parameter Snorting. It goes beyond ordinary parameter sniffing, where SQL at least tried to come up with a good plan for something once upon a compile. In these cases, it just plain gives up and throws a garbage number at…
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