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14. Database Mirroring: Learning Plan (5m)

Want to become an expert on mirroring? Here’s a task list to run in your lab. Need a free place to test mirroring out quickly to get your feet wet? Want to read more advanced articles on more mirroring topics? Curious if SQL Server Basic Availability Groups in Standard Edition make mirroring irrelevant? Get the…

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02. Architecture Design: Tactics – Clustering, Always On, Mirroring, and More (29m)

Once we’ve defined our RPO and RTO goals, we need to pick the right SQL Server features to meet those goals. This module will teach you the pros and cons of clustering, mirroring, Always On Availability Groups, replication, log shipping, virtualization replication, and more.

You’ll need a membership to access this course. Check out my training classes.
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Tara Kizer

Asynchronous Database Mirroring vs. Asynchronous Availability Groups

When Database Mirroring came out in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1, we quickly dropped Log Shipping as our Disaster Recovery solution. Log Shipping is a good feature, but I can failover with Asynchronous Database Mirroring faster than I can with Log Shipping. When Always On Availability Groups (AG) came out in SQL Server 2012,…
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What Amazon RDS for SQL Server Users Need to Know about Multi-AZ Mirroring

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) now supports multi-availability-zone SQL Servers. This means you can have a primary database in one data center, and a secondary replica in another data center. Those Portland folks were always a little bit backwards anyway. When your primary server goes down, OR when the entire AZ goes down, you can fail…
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[Video] Office Hours in the Valley of Fire State Park

I drove the Ferrari out through the Valley of Fire State Park and stopped out in the middle of nowhere to take the questions you’d upvoted at Here’s what we covered: 00:00 Introductions 00:39 Saket Mittal: Hi Brent, I am working with a developer on a query, this query has lots of join ,…
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Do You Have to License Your Standby SQL Server?

Businesses who need high availability and disaster recovery usually want three servers: A primary SQL Server where all the writes & reads take place A high availability SQL Server sitting right next to the primary, in the same data center, keeping up with its writes, and A disaster recovery SQL Server sitting in another city…
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Can I Offload DBCC CHECKDB To Another Server?

You want to check for corruption, but you don’t want to slow down your primary production server. In this post, I’m specifically talking about offloading the corruption checking process. I’m not talking about doing corruption checking on both the primary and other servers – that’s wonderful, and if you’re doing that, you should hug yourself. You’re doing…
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