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Introducing sp_AllNightLog: Log Shipping at Scale, Open Source

In our Faux PaaS project, we need a backup plan – or rather, a restore plan. On each SQL Server instance, clients can create as many databases as they want, anytime they want, with no human intervention. We need those databases covered by disaster recovery as quickly as practical. SQL Server’s newer disaster recovery options – Always On Availability Groups and…
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04. Transaction Log Shipping: Log Shipping Overview (17m)

Get an overview of how log shipping works, different modes available, and pros and cons of this classic feature. Looking for an option for a free lab to play around in? Want a link to specific steps to setting up transaction log shipping? Curious if there’s any built in reports, or interested in more reading?…

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Possibly Broken Log Shipping

Transaction log shipping is an easy (and usually bulletproof) way of preparing a disaster recovery server ahead of time. The subscriber continuously restores transaction log backups from the production server. To find this problem, we look for databases in a restoring state that haven’t had a log backup applied in the last 2 days, possibly…
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Log Shipping FAQ

I’ve been working with and talking about SQL Server Log Shipping a lot lately! One way to ship logs… I’ve gotten a lot of great questions about log shipping, so I’ve put together an FAQ. What editions of SQL Server is log shipping available in? 2012 – Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Standard, and Web 2008R2 –…
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#PASSsummit Day 1 Keynote Live Blog

Good morning, folks, and welcome to our annual live blog of the PASS Summit Day 1 keynote. Open the free live video stream at in one browser tab, and then refresh this page every couple/few minutes. I’ll be adding my thoughts at the end of the page, in chronological order, for easier reading later. Today’s…
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sp_AllNightLog: Poll Vaulting

Carry on It turns out that the only thing harder than checking for new databases restored to a SQL Server, is checking a folder for a backup of a database that doesn’t exist on another SQL Server. These are both part of what sp_AllNightLog has to do. The other components, which use workers and a…
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