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SQL Server 2017 CU3 adds tempdb spill diagnostics in DMVs and Extended Events

Where have you been all my life? Whenever I’m teaching people about query tuning, two things come up almost without fail: parameter sniffing and tempdb spills. They’re not mutually exclusive — some queries will seemingly always spill to tempdb, whether parameter sniffing is present of not, and some queries experiencing issues with parameter sniffing will never spill…
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Availability Group Direct Seeding: Extended Events and DMVs

As of this writing, this is all undocumented I’m super interested in this feature, so that won’t deter me too much. There have been a number of questions since Availability Groups became a thing about how to automate adding new databases. All of the solutions were kind of awkward scripts to backup, restore, join, blah…
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Make Extended Events Great… Finally

SQL Server 2016 is adding some really awesome stuff Not the least of which is a ton of super cool information in execution plans, and an Extended Events session to expose the same information for all queries. The details are detailed in detail over on this blog post from MS. For those of you with…
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Extended Events Sessions: Messing Up Filters

Recently, I wanted to play around with the auto_stats event against a test system running SQL Server 2014. I ran through the session setup GUI and added the auto_stats event. I configured it with a filter (predicate) to only show me auto_stats event in a database named AutoStatsTest. There’s a cost to events that may fire frequently and a…
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Introduction to Extended Events (video)

Extended Events were introduced with SQL Server 2008. Extended Events is a replacement for Server Side Traces and so much more – it’s a lightweight way to look at SQL Server performance, events, deadlocks, locking, blocking, and more. In this webcast, Jeremiah Peschka provides a high-level introduction to Extended Events. You’ll learn about how Extended…
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Extended Events

SQL Server Extended Events SQL Server Extended Events were introduced with SQL Server 2008 as a light weight way to create customized monitoring of SQL Server. Many people view SQL Server Extended Events as a replacement for Profiler/Server Side Trace. Extended Events are a lot more than that. Extended Events provide a set of methods for collecting different…
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