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SQL Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions Practice interviewing with my video interviews Interviewing and hiring database administrators is tough for managers.  It’s hard to understand what a DBA does, let alone whether or not the DBA is good at it.  This is especially difficult in shops with just one DBA, and that DBA is now gone – or…
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Test-Driven Database Development with tSQLt Training Class

Test-Driven Database Development with tSQLt

DevOps is becoming ubiquitous. However, the gap between those realising the benefits and those playing catch-up is getting bigger – and the difference between the leaders and the laggards is high quality testing. Automated deployment is great – but without automated testing you are just deploying bad code more quickly than before. You are responsible…
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SQL Server Internals 201 Training Class

SQL Server Internals 201

You’re a developer or database administrator, and you’re curious. You love learning about the internals of the tools you use. You’re comfortable writing queries and creating tables, but you don’t always understand why a particular index gets used, and another one does not. You’re not sure when SQL Server chooses to reuse an existing query…
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SQL ConstantCare®

SQL ConstantCare® allows you to be a SQL Server database expert, fast. We eliminate the confusion and ambiguity of advice: it’s about your server. You get daily email advice: you send in your SQL Server’s metrics daily with our lightweight app. Our systems analyze the data and tell you specifically what actions to take to…
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7. Questions For YOU to Ask

This one isn’t a video because I want you to be able to print this out (or write them down or put them on your phone or whatever) and take the questions along with you to the interview. When the candidate asks questions, it shows that they have valuable experience and can recognize signs of a…

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Interviewing: How to Test TSQL Writing Skills

“Sure, I write great queries!” We sometimes help clients interview DBAs and Developers for their team. Requirements vary depending by position, but sometimes it’s important to test a candidate’s TSQL skills. While I can test candidates thoroughly on strategies for TSQL (when they’d use certain constructs, the pros and cons of various approaches), if what…
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SQL Server Triage Specialist Team (Remote Position)

SQL Server Triage Specialist (Remote Position) What Does a SQL Server Triage Specialist Do? As a Triage Specialist, you’ll guide clients through our SQL Critical Care®. You’ll become the primary point of contact with each client and make sure all their questions get answered by members of our team (whether it’s you or someone else).…
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