The Best Free SQL Server Downloads

  • Instructor(s): Brent Ozar
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Cost: $29

You’re trying to manage SQL Server databases, and every time you Google for something, you get overwhelmed with all kinds of free tools, white papers, blogs, and newsletters. There’s so many that suck, and you’re tired of wasting time on bad ones.

Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar has been using SQL Server for over a decade, and he’s built a killer list of the very best freebies. He’ll show you where to get the good stuff and how to use it. Buy it now for $29.

The course includes over 90 minutes of videos covering:

The Best Free Books, Newsletters, and Help – Yes, you can actually get free e-books without pirating them. I’ll show you the best free sources for SQL Server education and help.

The Best Free Tools to Tune T-SQL Queries – When you’re trying to decrypt stored procedures, analyze execution plans, interpret STATISTICS IO results, or format your T-SQL, here’s the best freebies to help.

The Best Free Tools for Index Maintenance – Maintenance plans suck – they defrag every index, every time, whether it needs it or not. Instead, check out these two free scripts, and learn why one of them is much better. I’ll even show you how to configure it.

The Best Free Tools to Catch Slow Queries – When you need to troubleshoot performance problems – even if they’re not running anymore on the server – I’ll show you my favorite three tools and how to use them.

The Best Free Tools for Storage and CPU Testing – Does the SAN admin keep saying it’s a SQL Server problem? I’ll show you how to measure your real-world storage and CPU speed.

For $29, you get 18 months of access to the videos for one person. You can watch it for 18 months on your desktop, laptop, iPad, or iPhone. Buy it now and get started!


About Brent

Specialities: performance tuning, SAN storage, VMware

Off duty: foodie restaurants, travel, bad pop music


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