Jes Borland,
Chief of Rehabilitative Medicine

Jes BorlandYour database is an athlete, and I’m here to help it perform better. Whether you need to recover from a minor injury or want major reconstructive surgery, I’m ready.

I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Microsoft MVP, and if I receive another certification from Microsoft, I’ll ask for a medal to add to my race collection.

For a really good time, ask me about:

  • Reading query plans
  • Performance tuning tools & tips
  • High availability
  • Punk rock
  • What happened on May 5, 2012

Download my resume – if you dare.

I’m a founder of Tech on Tap; founder of the FoxPASS SQL Server user group; a speaker at user groups, SQL Saturdays, and PASS Summit; and a blogger. I like to talk (a lot), and I love to help others learn and grow as much as I have.

I also drink too much coffee, run too many miles, and make a mean pot of chili.

Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices

My name. On a book. As an author. It doesn’t get much better!

Contact me or check out some work I’m proud of:

MS Certified Professional MS MVP