Get peak performance during peak usage

You built an application that stores data in SQL Server. It worked great. More and more people used the app, and now it works not so great.

It’s not always clear where to invest your time or funds to solve peak usage problems. Brent Ozar Unlimited has a straightforward process for diagnosing and curing these problems, as well as healing slow SQL Servers and unwieldy databases:

  • Unique tools – We have built a set of proprietary scripts to analyze your performance bottlenecks.
  • Learning – We’ve always believed it’s better to teach a person to fish (if you happen to find fishing unethical, please pretend we used a different analogy).
  • Autonomy – Ultimately, we hope you’ll stop needing us. We’ll give you a fish if you insist, but we’d rather teach you how to resolve peak usage problems on your own.

Here are a few fishing lessons to get you started:

All solutions begin with 4 days of SQL Critical Care®. To sign up, contact us.