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Our events include webcasts that you can attend as well as conferences and seminars that take place in the real world. We’ll try to post videos and lessons from physical events on our blog!

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Jes Schultz Borland

Dec 30

Statistics: Beyond Performance

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 12:30 PM Eastern 
Tables and indexes in your databases have statistics associated with them, and you know they help the query optimizer determine the best way to execute a query. But do you know where the information about them is stored, what types of maintenance you should be performing on them, how to check if they need to be updated, and what causes them to change? Jes will explain the care and feeding of database statistics in this webinar.
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Kendra Little

Jan 6

Make Extended Events Easy with sp_BlitzTrace™

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 12:30 PM Eastern
Ever wanted to quickly and easily record how much CPU a query is using, how many logical reads it uses, what temporary objects are created, and whether it causes a recompile? sp_BlitzTrace™ is a free stored procedure that helps you quickly and easily use Extended Events in SQL Server 2012 and higher to observe what’s happening in one SQL Server session in close detail. Learn how you can install and run this tool to learn more about what your queries are doing. Register now.

Kendra Little

Tuesdays at 11:15AM Central, 12:15PM Eastern

Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited®

The doctors are in. Welcome to Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours, where you can ask questions about the SQL Server pains you’re facing. We’ll talk about our most recent blog posts, YouTube videos, new tips and tricks, and answer your questions.

The webcast will not be recorded – if you miss it, just swing by next week and ask your questions then. See you there! Register now.

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