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Our events include webcasts that you can attend as well as conferences and seminars that take place in the real world. We’ll try to post videos and lessons from physical events on our blog!

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Kendra Little

Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited®

Tuesdays at 11:15AM Central, 12:15PM Eastern, 17:15 GMT

The doctors are in. Welcome to Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours, where you can ask questions about the SQL Server pains you’re facing. We’ll talk about our most recent blog posts, YouTube videos, new tips and tricks, and answer your questions.

The webcast will not be recorded – if you miss it, just swing by next week and ask your questions then. See you there! Register for Office Hours now.

Brent Ozar

Faster Virtual SQL Servers, Sponsored by Veeam

Wednesday, June 10, at 11:00AM Central, Noon Eastern

Part 1 with Brent Ozar: You want your SQL Server VM to go as fast as possible, but you don’t have a lot of time or budget money, and you’re not allowed to reinstall it or upgrade. This all-demo session will explain the VM-friendly performance features of SQL Server 2012, 2014, and even the next version, 2016. You’ll see how to measure a running application’s performance, and then simply by turning a few knobs and switches, you’ll see how performance improves. Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will explain which features are right for your workloads, plus give you resources you can use when you get back to the office to go faster and learn more.

Part 2 with Veeam: Get fast transaction-level recovery of SQL databases, including agentless transaction log backup and replay, so you can restore your SQL databases to a precise point in time and achieve low recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™). Learn more at Veeam Explorers™.

Register for this free two-part webinar.

Kendra Little

Triaging Failures in Availability Groups, Sponsored by Idera Software

Friday, June 19, at 11:00AM Central, Noon Eastern

You’ve heard a lot about Availability Groups, but have you ever had to troubleshoot a problem? Microsoft Certified Master Kendra Little will walk you through an example of a failure in an Availability Group and show you how she solved it. You’ll also learn the ingredients you need to set up a test environment and start solving problems yourself. Register for this free webinar.

Brent Ozar

Features SQL Server Needs to Add – and Drop

Tuesday, June 23, at 10:00AM Central, 11:00AM Eastern

When you work with the same database server day in and day out, you can get a bit blinded by your assumptions. You might just assume that the way SQL Server does it is how every database does it. In this fun, relaxed webcast, Brent Ozar will show you a few features from other database platforms, plus give you a tour through his favorite requests. He’ll also discuss features that just didn’t catch on – and probably need to be taken out to the farm. Register now.

Kendra Little

Index Cleanup: Avoid the Worst Mistakes and Find the Biggest Wins

Friday, July 8, at 2:00PM Central, 4:00PM Eastern

You’ve heard that GUIDs are bad and that filters are cool, but in secret you feel like an indexing fraud. Kendra Little is a Microsoft Certified Master who works a lot with indexes these days, but she remembers exactly how you feel. In this free webcast, you’ll learn why tables get messy without clustered indexes, how to tell if the Database Tuning Advisor is telling you lies, and when you need to add indexes.Register now.

Kendra Little

Field Medic’s Guide to Database Mirroring: Idera Geek Sync

Wednesday, August 19 at 10:00AM Central, 11AM Eastern, 16:00 GMT

SQL Server’s Database Mirroring feature is a powerful tool and much simpler to manage than Availability Groups. Join Microsoft Certified Master Kendra Little to learn when Database Mirroring is the right choice, common rescue scenarios, and special setup required for mirrors.

You’ll leave the webcast with tips and tricks to manage Database Mirroring. Click here to register for this free Webcast on GoToWebinar. (There’s no checkbox for this one below.)

Brent Ozar

The Query Store: Why SQL Server 2016 Upgrades Will Rock

Wednesday, Sept 9, at 3:00PM Central, 4:00PM Eastern

You’ve heard people got burned by turning on the new SQL Server 2014 cardinality estimator, and now you’re gunshy to move to newer versions of SQL Server. Good news! Microsoft heard your concerns, and 2016 introduces a feature to make your upgrades safer and easier. Learn why you need to include the Query Store as part of your 2016 upgrade plan. Register now.

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