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Our events include webcasts that you can attend as well as conferences and seminars that take place in the real world. We’ll try to post videos and lessons from physical events on our blog!

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Kendra Little

Office Hours with Brent Ozar Unlimited®

Wednesdays at 11:15AM Central, 12:15PM Eastern, 17:15 GMT

The doctors are in. Welcome to Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours, where you can ask questions about the SQL Server pains you’re facing. We’ll talk about our most recent blog posts, YouTube videos, new tips and tricks, and answer your questions. (Starting September, Office Hours will move to Wednesdays.)

The webcast will not be recorded – if you miss it, just swing by next week and ask your questions then. See you there! Register for Office Hours now.

Brent Ozar

Sysadmins: Who Needs a DBA? (Sponsored by Veeam)

Tuesday, Sept 1 at Noon Central, 1:00PM Eastern

Your apps store data in SQL Server, but you don’t have enough work to keep a full-time DBA busy. In just one session, you’ll learn the basics of performance troubleshooting, backup, index tuning, and security. Brent Ozar, recovering sysadmin, will teach you the basic care and feeding of a Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, or 2014 instance and give you scripts to keep you out of trouble. Register now.

Brent Ozar

The Query Store: Why SQL Server 2016 Upgrades Will Rock

Wednesday, Sept 9 at 3:00PM Central, 4:00PM Eastern

You’ve heard people got burned by turning on the new SQL Server 2014 cardinality estimator, and now you’re gunshy to move to newer versions of SQL Server. Good news! Microsoft heard your concerns, and 2016 introduces a feature to make your upgrades safer and easier. Learn why you need to include the Query Store as part of your 2016 upgrade plan. Register now.

Brent Ozar

The Art of Stress-Free Database Administration (Sponsored By Idera)

Thursday, Sept 24 at 1:00PM Central, 2:00PM Eastern

You’re responsible for keeping SQL Server online and fast, and you’re constantly burned out. You feel like you’re always behind and you can never catch up. Forget becoming proactive – your company can’t afford to hire enough people to get there. Brent Ozar has been there too, and he’ll give you 4 steps to become at peace with your work. Make a list of your servers, make a list of what you’re responsible for, prioritize what isn’t under control, and share it with management so they know what you’re working on. Do those four things, and your stress will start to melt away. Register now.

Brent Ozar

Are AlwaysOn Availability Groups Right for You? (Sponsored by Veeam)

Tuesday, Sept 29 at 11AM Central, Noon Eastern

SQL Server’s hottest new feature combined the best of clustering, mirroring, and replication to give you high availability plus scale-out reads. Does it make sense for your database server? Brent Ozar has deployed AlwaysOn AGs in high-profile setups like,, and Discovery Education. This session is for DBAs who are considering implementing AlwaysOn AGs, or who are wondering why their AlwaysOn setup is only OftenOn. Register now.

Doug Lane

Prove It!: Collecting the Right Metrics to Show Performance Gains

Wednesday, Oct 14 at 3:00PM Central, 4:00PM Eastern

It’s easy to say adding more memory, faster drives, or a new index will help. How do you prove it really did help? What numbers and counters should I be watching? Doug Lane will explain which numbers matter when trying to show your changes were worth the cost. Register now.

Jeremiah Peschka

What’s new in 2016?

Wednesday, Nov 18 at 3:00PM Central, 4:00PM Eastern

SQL Server 2016 is just around the corner. There are a lot of new features in the box, and improvements to old ones. There’s a lot to learn, and you need to start planning before SQL Server 2016 hits the streets. In this webcast, Jeremiah Peschka will share a high level overview of what’s next in SQL Server 2016. Register now.

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