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Our events include webcasts that you can attend as well as conferences and seminars that take place in the real world. We’ll try to post videos and lessons from physical events on our blog!

If you missed one of our previous events, check out our video archive.

Brent Ozar

Sept 17

What Queries are Killing My Server?

Sponsored by Idera – starting at 12:30 PM Central
You’ve got an in-house application that just isn’t fast enough, but why? You’ve tried running Profiler to trace queries, but it takes too much overhead, and you don’t end up with a really good understanding of what’s going on. In just one hour, you’ll learn three easy ways to catch the killer queries lurking in the shadows. Even better, they’re all completely free. Register now.

Doug Lane

Sept 23

Introducing sp_BlitzRS

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
It’s hard to keep up with what your Report Server is doing, especially if your only tool is Report Manager. Now there’s an easier way, using the newest member of the sp_Blitz family: sp_BlitzRS! In this 30-minute webcast, you’ll learn how sp_BlitzRS can help you stay informed of how well your SSRS installation is running, who gets what subscriptions, which reports would benefit from preprocessing, and more! Register now.

Brent Ozar

Sept 25

Why SQL Server 2014 is So Darned Fast

InformationWeek Webinar, 2PM-3PM Eastern
If you’re struggling with slow database performance, throw in the towel – Microsoft has your solution. You might have heard about the new in-memory technologies, but there’s even better built-in features that don’t require changes to your database or your code. Join Microsoft Certified Master to learn why you shouldn’t wait one more month to deploy SQL Server 2014. Register now.

Brent Ozar

Sept 30

The L-Word: Licensing

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
You have a sneaking suspicion that your servers aren’t all paid for, and you need to get a rough idea of how SQL Server licensing works. You’ve never bought a box of SQL Server before, and you have no idea where to get started.

Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will break it down into a few simple, easy-to-understand slides and show you the most popular licensing options. He’ll also explain 3 classic licensing mistakes and help you avoid ‘em. Register now.

Jeremiah Peschka

Oct 7

Choosing a Cloud Deployment Model

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
You’ve decided the cloud is right for your business. Now what? In this session, Jeremiah Peschka covers three ways to deploy SQL Server to a cloud provider. You’ll learn about licensing, feature, and sizing concerns and will come away with ideas about how to move different types of application to the cloud. Examples will be using AWS, but the same knowledge can be used with any cloud. Register now.

Kendra Little

Oct 14

How to Find Wasted Memory in SQL Server

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
Is your SQL Server wasting memory? Join Kendra to learn how to identify when memory is going to waste, and track down whether it might be due to licensing, schema problems, fragmentation, or something else. Register now.

Brent Ozar

Oct 21

Building a Reliable SQL Server for kCura Relativity

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
Your users want Relativity to be up at all times. What’s the first step? How much work is involved? What will it all cost? Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will give you a simple worksheet to get management and the IT team on the same page, and then show you how to turn those specs into a rough project plan and budget.

You’ll learn how to choose between virtual and physical servers, explain different high-availability methods, and understand why clustering is such a no-brainer choice. Register now.

Jeremiah PeschkaJes Schultz BorlandBrent OzarKendra LittleDoug Lane

Oct 28

What to Expect at the PASS Summit and SQL Intersection

Triage Tuesday 30 minute Webcast starting at 11:30 AM Central
If you’re going to a SQL conference for the first time, join us to learn how things work. We’ll share what happens when you walk in the door for the first time, where to go after hours, what to bring, and what NOT to bring. Register now.

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