Free SQL Server Tool Downloads

Got SQL Server pains?  Not sure how to stop the bleeding?  Here’s our scripts to diagnose the root causes and help you get back on the road to recovery.

Stop Server Surprises with sp_Blitz® – When you have to work with a SQL Server you’ve never seen before, this free script looks at common health and performance problems.  It produces a prioritized to-do list of how to get the server healthy again.

Tune Indexes with sp_BlitzIndex® – When you’re performance tuning a database, this free download shows you which indexes are hurting your database more than they’re helping.

Get the Top Queries Killing Your Server with sp_BlitzCache™ – This procedure analyzes your execution plan cache and identifies your biggest problems.

Troubleshoot Performance with sp_AskBrent® – Slow server? Stop poking around through sp_who, the activity monitor, Perfmon, and Task Manager. Get the answers in ten seconds.