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We like helping people and we obsess over data management the same way you obsessed over Project Runway (don’t pretend you didn’t).

Our resources below represent the growing compilation of experience and learning from the Brent Ozar team over the years. If what you need doesn’t appear below, it probably doesn’t exist on the internet.

Free SQL Server Download Pack – In one free, handy zip file, you get our scripts including sp_Blitz, our e-books like the SQL Server Setup Checklist, and our posters like the Bandwidth Reference. Check out what you get.

Events – Put on a pair of headphones and tell the boss you’re learning for free at our Office Hours, where we gather every Tuesday to address best practices, common problems, uncommon problems, and evolving tools. Other events include conferences or seminars where members of Brent Ozar Unlimited are presenting. If you can’t catch us live, watch our free video archives.

Blog – We blog a lot. It’s like a free, growing SQL textbook—except that it’s pretty funny sometimes and super dynamic. And it doesn’t have appendices that you never use. It’s not really like a textbook, actually. We’re SQL people, not analogy writers. Look: a dinosaur!

Looking for More Training?

In-Depth Video Training – Learn how you can think like SQL Server, master index tuning, find out what you need to know about SANs and virtualization — get access to our best content for 18 months and learn from the comfort of your laptop, desktop or iPad.

In Person Training – Need to learn How to be a Senior DBA or How to Performance Tune SQL Server? Attend a Brent Ozar Unlimited® training event!

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Specialities: performance tuning, SAN storage, VMware

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Off duty: Portland food trucks, long walks on the beach


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Specialities: query tuning, index rocket science, SSDs

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About Erik

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