Blitz Result: Resource Governor Enabled

SQL Server’s Resource Governor can help you get a handle on out-of-control queries by throttling users.  They’ll only get limited CPU or memory.

Once you put it in place, though, it’s tough to be aware that users are being slowed down.  You might be spending valuable time trying to performance tune a query when in reality the Resource Governor is the real problem.  We rarely stop to think about Resource Governor – especially if we don’t know that it’s been enabled.

This part of our SQL Server sp_Blitz script checks sys.resource_governor_configuration looking for is_enabled = 1.

To Fix the Problem

If you don’t need to throttle users or groups, the easiest way to fix this is simply to run an ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR DISABLE query.  Your configuration will still be saved, but the Resource Governor will just stop throttling queries.

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