Our Hierarchy of Database Needs training email plan has been a lot of fun. Thousands of SQL Server professionals have signed up to get an email in their in-box every Wednesday for 6 months. It’s like a part-time college course – the one you should have been given when you first got shuffled into this DBA job thingy.

SQL Server DBA Training Plan EbookNow, we’ve taken some of the content and turned it into a free 38-page PDF ebook.

It starts at the base of Ozar’s Hierarchy of Database Needs, covering backups, security, and then moves up to capacity planning and performance.

It’s not meant to be doctoral-level – this is just the intro course that we all wish we’d have gotten before management started screaming at us about why the database is so slow. And expensive. And unpredictable.

It’s like a prerequisite of things we want to make sure people know before they move up to our training classes.

Let us know what you think, and enjoy!

Download the PDF here.

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