The only reason you're here... jazz hands

The only reason you’re here… jazz hands

You like sp_blitz ®, right? That’s probably why you’re here. That or the jazz hands.

Let’s talk about sp_Blitz®. Let’s also talk about being lazy. sp_Blitz® produces some great output. It provides a nice, information dense summary of potential issues with a single SQL Server. The only problem is that it’s not an easily digestible report. (The other problem is that sp_blitz® can’t do jazz hands.)

A few weeks ago, we released a Windows application of sp_blitz® – you can download sp_blitz® as a ClickOnce application and get started right away. If you’re curious about what it can do, you can watch this delightful video that I made and learn about the sp_Blitz® Windows application features which include:

  • PDF export
  • Switching servers
  • Auto updating
  • Jazz hands*

* jazz hands not included

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  1. I no longer have an excuse not to download. You just made this too easy.

    (BTW: How do you prefer feedback on this? One of the links “Slow storage writes” goes to the wrong page for more info)

    • If you can send an email over to, that’d be awesome. Can you also include information like OS, if you’re RDPing or not, and the .NET Framework. If you don’t know how to get that info, that’s okay. Just let me know and I’ll get you that info.

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  3. I have this loaded on a Windows 2003 server and it works great. I also have it loaded on a 2008R2 server and when it goes to write the PDF file it pegs the CPU at 100%, but doesn’t generate a file after 10 minutes. Are there any special requirements to run this under 2008R2? This is a very useful utility, thanks!

    • Jim – actually, the best way to use this is to install it on your own desktop, and then point it at various SQL Servers. That way you only have to install it once, and you can generate reports on any server. Hope that helps!

      • Brent,

        The 2 servers are in separate domains and the one I am trying to run it against is over a WAN with tight security. I didn’t install this on a SQL server, but a remote desktop server I use to access the other domain/location. There is no trust between the 2 domains and we don’t have the ports for SQL open. Thanks.

    • Howdy Jim – can you verify which ServicePack of 2008R2 you’re on? We’re going to put together a VM to test things out. If you have any questions or additional info, you can drop it in here or email

      Thanks for reporting this.

  4. How can I install this on isolated server with no Internet connection? It would be nice to be able to download .exe and install it where ever I want.

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