If you became a database administrator by rising through the ranks of software developers, you probably haven’t built your own servers from the ground up. That’s totally okay – but you’re missing some important information that will make you a better database administrator. In this 20-minute session, Brent Ozar will help you get started exploring your hardware using tools like HP System Insight Manager, Dell OpenManage, and IBM Director. He’ll explain what you’re looking at – and when you should raise an alarm because something’s not quite right.

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  1. I was actually surprised by how simplifying and conceptually helpful that graphic was…great way of understanding it visually. Also, I got to utilize the walking vs. light speed metaphor while discussing why our backups were going so much faster today after migrating a machine from a local VM host with internal (slow) storage to a new SAN with a ton of SSD cache. Perhaps not quite light speed ie. memory, but still, a lot faster. Great session!

  2. As usual…very Informative and crisp Session.
    May be I might sound stupid, But Can I request you for a similar session on DRAC or ILO? Am not getting access to ILO on our HP Servers at work what so ever being a SQL Server DBA :( Wanted to see the real power of them in action, well at least in brief….!

    • Thanks! I understand why you’d like a DRAC or iLO session, but that’s outside of our focus here – best to check with a hardware-focused blogger or site.

  3. I enjoyed watching this session last week. I’ve been waiting for the video to be posted so I can watch it again and share it with out ITOPS folks. There is some good insight for more than just a DBA.

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  5. Enjoyed this, great presentation, thank you.

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