After we virtualize SQL Server, troubleshooting performance becomes a lot tougher.  There’s more moving parts like shared storage and VMware, and we DBAs don’t usually get access to those tools to find out what’s going on.  So what’s a DBA to do?

I’m slow because I keep staring at my feet, apparently.

I’ve got an in-depth training class talking about what makes virtual SQL Servers so slow. You’ll learn:

  • Why Page Life Expectancy is less reliable in virtualization
  • Why more cores means more problems
  • Why virtual storage is usually 10-100x slower than our physical boxes
  • What Perfmon counters to watch for VMware servers

This class is targeted at production database administrators with 1-5 years of experience.  Enjoy!

Watch My Best Practices for Virtualizing SQL Server on VMware

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  1. Brent will this be available for viewing after the first broadcast? I can’t make the event at the time but was hoping to catch it later.

  2. Oh, right, I forgot, you’re Brent, and do not need luck!

  3. On I saw the webcast of 10.07. “Why Is My Virtual SQL Server So Slow?”. I would like to view the full video. Is it possible?

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